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Cold Coin GOLD

Physical Bitcoin Wallet

Cold Coin GOLD is a Bitcoin Physical Coin Wallet. It’s built off paper wallet blockchain open source software, the most secure cold storage solution for storing crypto currencies.

It’s independent from any specialised software, apps or electrical devices. No need for cables or mess.  You simply add funds from any Bitcoin Exchange or digital wallet to your coin’s wallet key.

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When you own Bitcoin, you need to protect your confidential data and access your funds. The Cold Coin GOLD utilises the safest cold storage blockchain technology, paper wallet and 2FA paraphrase. Transactions can’t be tampered without your unique paraphrase code and your coin’s private key. A backup coin can be purchased, as Cold Coin does not know your paraphrase and no private keys are stored online.


How Cold Coin GOLD works

Cold Coin is a cold storage solution that works best for long term bitcoin storage, making it the safest form of crypto storage over any digital solution.


After purchasing, you will create your unique paraphrase code that you will need to save, store and remember. This will generate a bitcoin wallet that we receive to create your coin.

Transfer In

When you receive and open your package, you’ll have your Coin Wallet QR code that will be used when transferring funds into your coin from a digital wallet, exchange or an ATM machine.


You can login to your online account with Cold Coin to view your Coin Wallets and stored funds balance.

Shooting Out

To transfer bitcoin out from the coin, back into an exchange, digital wallet or ATM  simply peel the security seal sticker on the back to reveal the private key and enter your paraphrase code when prompted.

The Coin

24K Gold plated 40mm coin featuring a foil holographic security seal with mintage number and concealing a private key.

Cold Coin Gold utilises Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Paraphrase Security. Cold Coin can not be used without the private key and your unique paraphrase code.

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Cold Coin Back Bitcoin Wallet

No wires, mess or specialised software needed to use your wallet. Simply transfer funds to and from an exchange, digital wallet or ATM when needed.
Backup & Restoration

The Cold Coin Gold keys are backed up offline so a replacement can be ordered anytime. So you’ll just need to keep your paraphrase safe with you

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Cold Coin GOLD


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